Sunday, January 31, 2010

An amazing weekend!

I just got back from a wonderful weekend scrap and spa retreat in Sacramento at Green Tangerines.

I joined about 30 other women in the workspace at GT. We scrapped and chatted and helped each other from 5 pm Friday until 5 pm Sunday. Our only breaks were to eat, sleep or get pampered - a manicure, pedicure and an hour long massage. We also had challenges and raffle prizes completing the fabulous experience.

I finished 10 layouts (16 pages total) which I will photograph and post as soon as possible.

I really hope I can attend again next year!


Jennifer said...

Can't wait to talk to you about it! Hopefully next year it won't be on Chris' birthday :)

gabyangel said...

could you share the price and was it worth it? thanks!!