Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Giveaway Time!

I really want to get my Etsy shop rolling, so I'm giving away a card for some quick help. Start by taking a look at my Etsy shop: Noey's Papers

Please leave a comment here with the following info:
1. Your favorite item in my shop.
2. Atleast one recommendation for a new item I should make for my shop.
Feel free to also include other comments/suggestions.

One entry per person. On Wednesday August 19, I will choose a winner at random and you get the following card:

Also, if you like my work, please forward my shop link to your friends and family!


Sara said...

1. My favorite is the "Super Dad" card.
2. My suggestion for something to add: a thank-you card, or a Back-to-School layout

dorigen said...

You should make a wedding card for guests to give to the bride and groom! Or make your chipboards geared towards being used as bridesmaid's gifts :)

Happy Birthday Flowers is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Spanishbeauty08 said...

I love the Miss You (owl) card. The owl is so cute!!

I think a congrats baby card would be a good thing to add. You could also do a baby girl card with the same owl that says "hoot, hoot. You are cute!" hehe

Marianne said...

1. I loved the "Super Dad" card- that one made me smile!

2. I would have loved a card to give my husband on our wedding day that wasn't too cheesy. I didn't have time to make one myself, so I would have bought one!

Jennifer said...

I bought my favorite card ;)

I think you should have a selection of HALLOWEEN cards!! :)


Love it!

GrandmaD said...

They are all cute, My favorite is the happy birthday flower ones. Love the colors.

Maybe you could do I'm thinking about you or I'm praying for you. I do a lot of these type cards to send to someone I feel just needs an encouragement.

BigLoveMeeks said...

I like the Miss You owl card the most! I love his little eyes and the trees in the background.

As for a suggestion, I think another congratulations/celebrate card would be great, maybe something a little less feminine for guys. Also, I think a party invite would be a good addition, maybe event holiday-themed ones for Halloween parties and Christmas/Winter holidays or birthday party invites.

Misha said...

Hi Noey! I love the cherry good wishes card, but then I love cherries! The car chipboard album is super cute but I would personally never use it because I'd be too afraid to ruin it.

All the suggestions are great so far! I like the idea of invites doing a pack of 10-15 would be great! What about wedding related stuff? Maybe escort cards or table numbers. Baby or wedding shower cards. I like to buy things in packs, so maybe a set of 3 or 5 cards like thank yous or birthday cards.

Sparksgal said...

Hi - I love the Owl (Miss You) card. As far as things to add - I think some wedding cards would be a good idea or some New Arrival (Baby) cards. Good Luck with your Etsy shop!

Brooke said...

Hello! I hope that things are going well for you in california!

My favorite item has to be the owl card (the one that says 'miss you') It has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

As for something new, I love halloween cards!

-Brooke (and Christian too!)