Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Albums progress

I officially moved all of my layouts into the new albums!  Here is the beautiful row of matching binders.

But I'm still not done.  I need to:
1.  Add a bunch of stuff that I found since I made the first few albums.  I literally have stuff going back to 1984 in these albums, so as I find more items, I have to go back and update.
2.  Split the first 4 albums into a total of 5 albums because they are too thick!  But they used to divide perfectly between school years so I'm sad they won't make as much sense anymore.  Oh well...
3.  Paint/design each album cover.  My possible ideas for albums covers: just a solid color, a title if the albums lends itself to one, or a favorite photo from the time frame of the album.

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